The new creation shaft by AccuFLEX features a unique long “butt” parallel section that tapers quickly in the bottom portion of the shaft. Wood shafts tend to be more lightweight, while shafts such as graphite can weigh as much as 52 grams. When it comes to quality shafts that are designed with expert craftsmanship, we were extremely surprised to find this car brand as one of the best. Expand to see more Stable and Precise This particular shaft is very stable and allows for a smooth and energy efficient swing. It’s the shaft, of course. Comes only in the Stiff Flex Model.

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In Their Own Words – AccuFlex Golf | Golf Channel

Next comes the Assassin 2 shaft, which is simply the standard length version of their World Long Accufles shaft. However, many brands offer different color choices and graphics when it comes to a golf shaft. This equates to consistency and durability.

When it comes to quality shafts that are designed with expert craftsmanship, we were extremely surprised to find this car brand as one of the best. Therefore, if an individual is interested in a golf acuflex, it is important to read what the intention of the shaft is. Individuals will appreciate the quality of the brand.

Accuflex Creation 65 Wood How do you rate this product? There is no shame in having a shaft which is a ladies or a senior shaft if that shaft allows you to hit the ball better and purer.


With that said, it can get expensive to get all different qualities, but it is worth it. It is the “engine” of the golf club. A wood shaft is considered more lightweight and less costly than a fiberglass or steel shaft. Why do you believe AccuFlex shafts are unique?

Also available as 50″ Long Drive shaft and iron shafts. Is available only for driver. Putter accfulex tend to be a bit different than regular shafts. A2 Technology is a combination of two processes. Therefore, individuals can expect that this is going to be an easy to use and easy cut to a shaft.

Accuflex Evolution – Golf Shafts – Diamond Tour Golf

The head stays put through impact. When fit properly, however, this shaft has produced great distance results, even at those slower swing speeds. With my Creation and Spectrum driver. The wide look of the shaft takes some getting use to but it smokes the ball. This shaft offers a slew of technology features that is unheard of when it comes to something as simple as a golf shaft.

Only comes in one color and design. Cost And Value When we take cost and value into consideration, it is expected that golf shafts or not the most expensive item in the golf industry. The thing that makes the ball “go.


Weighing at 67 grams, individuals will appreciate the quality of this golf shaft. By controlling these voids, they are able to make a stronger shaft while at the same reducing the weight and creating a shaft that recovers quickly with less deformation at impact.

Accuflex Creation 65 Wood

Comes in only one color. Whether you are a novice or a professional, we hope that this list has helped our audience discover the best golf shafts. With that said, individuals can expect this shaft to fit different drives and different quality clubs. Only weighs about 55 grams. Incorporates Nano Composite technology.

Acchflex that said, the quality of this shaft is found in the material and the design.

Rifle Project X 5. With that, individuals can expect a quality design that goes from. Also, your hands will be able to tell because there will be more of a stinging feeling in your hands, even if you hit the shot fairly pure.

Think about it — what is the connection between accjflex hands and the head of the golf club?