Steve – Yes, I can see 3 options: If you were running a heft project at 20ms latency and you had to do a quick overdub but couldnt direct monitor, that would suck! I have since done a few reboots to make sure I could reconnect and it sometimes does. And it never will be. What version of Sonar are you using? I’ll check in later this evening when I’m at that computer.

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I definitely hear a difference between the and the I was running Pro Tools on digidrsign PC before this, and had encountered connection problems with that too, so maybe it’s my setup. If you want to use Sonar and get what you paid for with your multi-core computer then get any other interface out there My computer devices for sound show the Digidesign rack as active.

I’m still willing to try to work thru it IF they can be fixed. Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems View More Photo Galleries.


You don’t need to delete any of the drivers I hope this venture works out for you. One thing you need to know about is that when you change the sample-rate same dgiidesign as before under ‘Asio configuration’ you won’t be able to close the window I’ll keep you posted on any discoveries if I have any. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Send a private message to Kainer. LA 2 JA Status: It also works fine in Sonar. I’m wondering wsio my old Pro Tools and Digidesign files are causing conflicts.

So the computer sees the device and shows it as ready, but the software doesn’t.

Now I’m on to figuring out a good drum plug in to use Let me know if this helps or not Make sure ‘enable inputs’ is ticked then select the inputs and outputs digidesifn the respective drop-down menus.

I think the resolution is set at I use a rack with reaper as well both xp and win7 x64 and it works great. Is it much of a sonic improvement over the ?

Essentials Only Full Version. Krazylain, Doesn’t PTLE have a Low Latency Monitoring feature which essentially disables all of the plugins and allows for lower latency monitoring than what the project latency is set at?


Digidesign Windows Audio Drivers

I followed the instructions on Cakewalk’s website. Sorry it’s causing you so much grief.

I find that if the connection from Digi to Reaper is lost, I have to install the rack update pt9 which includes version v9. I like the new rotary controls on it touch sensative derived from the Icon.

SONAR with Digi 003 – problems

I’m not doubting a few bugs here and there. Find More Posts by Kainer. Try it with Cubase, Logic, whatever I am using driver version 8.

This is contrary to most pro tools advice, but it works. Has anybody else been through this and come out successful?