Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In Amstrad Action issue 23 it mentions some incompatibility with some CPC machines and there are some dipswitches which can be configured to work with it. In order to stop illegal copying or in the case of the demos, just to look smart , they would then refuse to work. Retrieved from ” https: See BTL 2 for more. Fireface Out of production!

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RME Audio Multiface II Digital Recorder

The Multiface 3, released in November[10] was designed for the later Amstrad -made models of Spectrum that the did not support. Multifaec some games constantly checked for the presence of a Multiface. The Multiface took an exact copy of what was in memory at the present moment, and saved it to disc, ready for you to reload at your leisure.

Don’t settle for less!

So Romantic Robot added a blue button. Since not even Richard Wildey has reactions that sharp, you were still lumbered. Neither was ever finished. Significant changes were provided to the internal core.

Early versions had a composite video out multitace [6] [7] but this feature was later removed. Soundhakker helped you to nick Soundtrakker tunes from demos and fanzines. You, too, can save the contents of memory to disc just with the following line:. Views Read View source View history. The automatic switch version of the multiface works by monitoring opcode reads from or for returning back to the stopped program and and for entering multiface 2 ROM when pressing the stop button.


At least, the disc drive and VGA ignore it.

Multiface II

The multiface 2 uses the stack inside the running program to return. This page was last modified on 17 Marchat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: ADAT Sync connector removed for increased space between the TRS jacks Improved enclosure and more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and internal quality.

RME’s exclusive SyncCheck checks all input signals and displays their actual state, and thanks to our new Intelligent Clock Control concept you have all clocks and states under multifaace – with ease.

The credits announce the creator to be “Merlin J. The Multiface would then page in its own ROM, temporarily muptiface the computer’s operating system with that within the Multiface.

His rather spiffing utility, Anti-Multiface aka Multimagmade Multiface copies into stand-alone programs. The device worked on K Spectrums, but only if they were put in 48K mode. Views Read Edit View history.


In one of those happy coincidences of commerce and merit, the Multiface was the best of the lot, and also the one which survived. OctaMic D Out of production!

RME: Hammerfall DSP Multiface II

Regular firmware and driver updates ensure the Multiface II to stay at the top of today’s audio interfaces. These interfaces are sold separately. The Multiface was always off, until you pressed the red button. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

In order to stop illegal copying or in the case of the demos, just to look multiifacethey would then refuse to work. It was limited to K machines and would not work on dumps bigger than 64K. It works like this.

Retrieved 22 February When it was turned on, you could make copies, reload games saved with the Multiface, and use the toolkit.